Hallie Knows Best

Hallie Knows Best

Free Verse Poem #2

Walking alone
Moss underfoot
Barefoot I am
I’ve been waiting for this
No one can stop me now,
I’m too far gone
Yet so much to go
Pebbles falling
No creature in sight
No birds. No insects
Just me
A little more to go
I can do this.
The crunch of the ground  is soothing
The only sign I’m here alone
The last few feet are the worst
My feet covered in thorns
My body aching,
But pushing through the pain
I made it
All Alone
Looking at the sky above
With the sun beating down on me
And the clouds all around
I know what I accomplished
And I’m happy I did


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Summer Day

As I walk outside in the summer breeze

The trees sway with ease

The sun shines, brightening my day

It keeps the rain at bay

Walking back the moon is high,

Lighting my way from the sky

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The Unicorn And The Washer

The Unicorn  And The Washer

The unicorn had bad luck from the start

The unicorn was turned in a “piece of art”

The design was old, he was put in the washer

The washer showed no mercy

The unicorn did not make it out

The little child began to shout

For the unicorn was no more

He was shown the door

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The Debate On Electronic Time

Electronics are a way to play games in your free time. They’re a fun way to socialize with people and to play in your free time.


   Why Should Teenagers Online Time be Limted? Personally, I don’t think that teenagers online time should be limited. If they want to spend their time online then let them do so. It’s their choice. They’re almost adults, they should be able to make their own decisions.

How Much Time Do You Spend Online? I normally spend about two hours on electronics each day, but recently I’ve been cutting back on my electronic time. Also, the weather also affects how much time I spend on electronics. For example, when it’s nice out I won’t spend a lot of time on electronics. But when it’s rainy or snowy I might spend more time on electronics. It depends.

What Effect Does This Have On You?  Technology has not altered my daily way of life. My grades have not fallen because of technology, and I still spend the majority of my time outside. Playing video games makes me happy. I don’t ditch friends for technology and I don’t ditch family for technology.

 If You Were Parent Describe The Rules You Would Have For Your Child Regarding Online Activity. I don’t really know how to answer this question, considering the fact that I’m not a parent and still a kid.  One thing I can say about this is that I would most likely limit the time spend on electronics to about two hours a day.

These are my thoughts on Electronics.


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Wisdom Of Dr. Seuss

   Many of Dr. Seuss’s books are silly, yet the majority of his books contain life lessons. The life lesson I chose is “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself anyway you choose.”  This quote is from the book called “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. The lesson in this quote is that you can make your own decisions and be who you want to be.  While that’s only the last part of the quote, the first 2 sentences of  quote contains a life lesson as well. The part of the quote where it mentions “You have brains in your head . You have feet in your shoes.” means that you have smarts in your head and can do whatever you want in life. It also means that you can go wherever you want to in life and do whatever you want to.  That is the lesson of this quote.


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My Inspiration

My inspiration is my Grandpa. They have inspired me to achieve many things. He have inspired me to learn many things, such as learning how to swim, ride a bike, tie my shoes. Though he taught me those things when I was little, I have learned a lot from him as I got older. He has inspired me to be myself.

When I was learning how to ride a bike, I would go to his house and try to ride my bike at his house. There was a small hill I would ride down, and try to keep my balance going down the hill. I remember one particular time I was at his house learning how to ride my bike and as I was going down the hill I ran over a root and crashed.  With my Grandpa and my Mom’s help, I can now ride a bike.

My Grandpa has inspired me through out my life and continues to inspire me today.

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Video Games

I have played  multiple games in my years of life. Of all of the games I played, only few games have made it into my favorite. Well, maybe more than a ‘few’ games. Some of my favorites are Minecraft, Transformice, and a couple of Ds games as well.

Transformice is a computer game, and its quite fun. Basically you are a mouse and you have to get the cheese and get back to the mouse hole without dying. One of my favorite parts of the game is the fact that you get to customize your mouse, and you get to play with people all around the world.

Minecraft is my all time favorite game. I play it on my computer and on my kindle. I prefer to play it on my computer than on my kindle. On my computer, I don’t really like to play by myself and mostly play on multiplayer servers. My number one favorite multiplayer server is Mineplex, and my second favorite is Minecraft Party.

The last of my favorite games Lego Indiana Jones. Its based off the movie, if you didn’t know that. Its quite fun. I play it with my parents, even though it’s a 2 player game and there are 3 of us, we take turns with the remotes.

That’s pretty much all of my favorite games. There are probably more games that I forgot I had, or haven’t played in awhile that I like as well.

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The Best Book I’ve Read In 6th Grade Language Arts

The best book I’ve read this year in language arts is The Mark Of The Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson.  The setting is Scrap Town 16, but it changes multiple times later on in the book.  The main characters are Piper, Anna, and Gee.

Piper is from Scrap Town 16, a place where people hunt for treasures from other lands to make some coin.  Piper is an orphan. Her dad was killed in a factory, he breathed in too much of the black smoke that the factory produced and her mom was died when she was young. Piper’s friend Micah had run off into a meteor storm and had been hurt, and while Piper found a caravan wreck and discovered Anna.

The reason that this is my favorite book that I’ve read this year is because it has a interesting plot, the characters all have a unique back story, and the book has a nice ending. There are a lot more traits of this book that makes it interesting.

This is by far the best book I have read this year. Note:There is a Sequel to this book, it’s called “The Secrets Of Solace”





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My Pets

I have two cats and three rabbits. My bunnies names are Oreo, Cutie, and Chewy. My cats names are Fuzzy and Blossom.

Oreo(bunny) is black and white Dutch rabbit. I got her when I was around eight maybe. She is a pretty rabbit, But shes not the nicest. Other than her personality, shes a good bunny. I named her Oreo because she looks like an Oreo and I happened to be in love with Oreo’s at the time.

Chewy(bunny) is a pure white bunny. I don’t know what type of rabbit it. Chewy originally belonged to one of my friends, but she couldn’t keep him anymore and was giving him away. So I got him. I named Chewy Chewy because when I first got him he sorta chewed on my finger.

Cutie(bunny) has to be my favorite bunny. Shes a brown and white Dutch rabbit like Oreo. Shes my oldest rabbit, at about 9 years in human years and I don’t know how old she is in bunny years. I got her when I was about 3. Actually, I named her Cutie Sugar Pie, but as I got older it became Cutie. She is super friendly and adorable. Fun fact about Cutie: She has two different colored eyes. One blue eye and one brown eye.

Blossom(cat) is a cat of unknown breed. Blossom and Fuzzy are from the same litter, yet look nothing a like. I got Blossom from one of my Grandma’s friends. Even though his name is Blossom, he is a boy. We were supposed to a girl cat that looked like Blossom, only we accidentally got the wrong cat. Even though he has a girly name, I still love my cat. Blossom is by far the most affectionate cat I’ve had.  Blossom has a tortoise shell like pattern for his fur. He is also a short haired cat.

Fuzzy(cat) is also a cat of unknown breed. Fuzzy and Blossom are from the same litter, and from the same place, as I typed before. Fuzzy is a girl. she looks like a little lion with her long coat of fur. She’s not as affectionate as Blossom, but I still love her. While thinking of what to name her, I had called her Fluffy. Only I kept calling her Fuzzy. That’s how she got her name. Fun fact: Fuzzy wasn’t already caught when we went to get her. It took 5 people to catch her. When we brought her home, she was very wild. Hissed and scratched. If you looked at her now, you would never guess she had been like that.

That’s all my animals. I hope you enjoyed a little bit about my pets.

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This One Girl- A Short-ish Story

There was this one girl, nobody knew her name. She kept to herself, talking as little as possible. Everyday she walked around the town, her cat trailing behind her. The cat had a leash made out of twine. The people of Heartwarming,(the town) tried to help her, they would give her food, but she rejected it. Once, this one kid in Heartwarming tried to figure out who this girl was. Rumors are that kid read a book of her life without her permission. Some of the people in Heartwarming think that she killed the kid after the kid read the book of her life story.

This is what how the kid understood the book of her life.

Her parents were dead. They died from a mountain lion attack when she was 8. The girl is now 10. Before her parents died, they had a nice house in the country. There was a small library were the girl spent most of her time. When her parents died, she got as many books as she could carry and left the beautiful house in the country. She didn’t want to leave the house, but it was her only choice. She had no where to go, her entire family had died of a terrible disease. She tried to make a living as a person who stocked the shelves in a grocery store, but she stole some of the items she was stacking on the shelves. She became depressed, and gave up on life. Then she found a litter of kittens playing in an alley. All the kittens ran away except one of the kittens. Even though she barely had enough food to feed herself, she took the kitten with her. The kitten had a coat the color of fall leaves. It reminded her of when she and her parents would go and pick pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch in Heartwarming. She named the kitten Nutmeg, after her mothers favorite Germ-X scent.

She knew how to read and write, but she wanted to learn more. She enrolled in a local school. The kids at the school picked on her everyday. Eventually she couldn’t take anymore. She dropped out of school and focused on starting a new life.   She didn’t have enough money for food. The girl and Nutmeg were starving. She vowed to never accept anything from people who pitied her. She could get her own food. She had no place to go. She resorted to sleeping under bridges and living off the land.  The girl did little side jobs, such as racking leaves and mowing lawns. The girl had a name, but she forgot it. So she always was going by different names. She never told anyone in Heartwarming her name because she was afraid she was going to accidentally give people the wrong name.

Then she met the kid who read her life book. He said his name was Jeremy, and that he wanted to be friends with her. The kid-Jeremy asked her what her name was. Then she remembered her actual name. It was Liza. Jeremy and Liza became great friends.


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